Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I could, if I wanted, write you a song,
full of words that inspired love,
 in Delilah, Anne and Cecilia,
and millions across the world.
If could, if I wanted, write you a story,
full of romance and clichés
and put the epics that star
Romeo, Majnu and Jack to shame.
I could, if I tried, paint you something,
fill it with all the colours
that make up our love.
I could, if I tried a little harder,
sing you a song,
stealing words and emotion
from Clapton, Rafi, Lennon.
I could, if I tried really hard
tell you exactly how I feel
about you
but it would test my patience
and not convey very much.
So I’ll tell you instead,
that the way you make me feel inside…
it feels like…
hot chocolate on a rainy day
my favourite quilt
watching bubbles float in the sunshine
wind in my hair, sand under my toes
and waves at my feet
yellowing books with dog-ears
the smell of baking
candy-colour tongues
and roller-coaster rides.
You make me feel

like me.

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