Thursday, November 11, 2010


These smoke screens.
Our comfort
Hidden by what we claim to know
What we claim to be
Hiding what we are
Who we want to be
We hold on to these wisps
Grasping, searching, hoping,
for a hold in the ephemeral.
But it goes on,
The continuous sublimation
the constant lack of stability
of belonging.
Until we stop,
grasping, searching, hoping.
And just let the smoke envelop us.
Cover us, hiding us again.
Lost in what it claims to be -
until we ourselves don't seem to exist anymore
becoming exactly that,
What we were hoping to avoid,

Monday, November 8, 2010

So it turned out just the same as everyone else
After the initial spurt of enthusiasm that creating a new blog brought on, it was pretty much banished to the recesses of my mind. The initial few weeks were all about putting things up, finding things to put, making things that were put up pretty and all that jazz.
Then the boredom set in. The blog, became a blog, just another outlet of mine in this crazy crazy world. Things went up as and when splotches of colour came up on the gray horizon, chronicling the rainbows in my life.
Even later, the blog became a chronicle of just the gray. My shoulder to lean on. My place to vent about things I couldn't say. And soon enough it assumed a character so whiny and morose, I felt like stabbing it in the eye myself.
And then today, I blew the dust off my keypad, and decided, enough was enough. This thing used to be my baby. I need to go back to taking care of it. Here I am hoping that this second burst of enthusiasm will keep this alive this time around, that the second coming will be for real.
Friends around me are actively getting off their asses and getting things done. This is just a blog right?
Piece of cake.
Blog 2.0
Here I come.