Saturday, December 7, 2013


Let go of your maps
And walk with me
Down this road
Whose name I do not know,
And smile
At the laughter that pours out
Of glowing windows.
Stand still,
Here in the middle of the city square,
And watch as people
Go to and fro,
At the puffs of smoke
That emerge
As you breathe –
You’re alive!

Take a train to a stop,
With an intriguing name
To the lady
On the seat next to yours.
To make sense
Of syllables
As garbled as your thoughts.
At a stranger
And duck into alleys
That look like
they belong in the movies.
Feel the cobblestones
Under your feet

Take you where
He may

Come with me,
As I explore this city –
And I will show you
What it means,
To be free