Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Long Distance

Accept this picture –
Of these cupcakes I’m baking
This beer that I’m drinking,
Those geese in my courtyard –
In exchange for a hug,
 Or a smile stolen,
 Across a crowded room.

For the house to go quiet
So that we can talk
Across five thousand and ninety four miles
 of silence.
Skype. Gtalk. Facebook Gmail.

I know your schedule –
And you know mine:
Of each other’s lives.
But we struggle
To make sense of our thoughts,
Feelings and aches
In each other’s absence.

I talk
To strangers in a bar.
To strangers from your past.
“Seeing someone?”
They ask
We smile.

Goodnight. Good morning.
 Good morning. Good night.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


My breath catches
As you unveil,
Inch by little inch –
Mint green, Gold,
Parchment thin
Silken skin
Falls away –
You crumple
And crease
At will.

I trace ridges, valleys, peaks –
Brown, proud
Waiting to be devoured.
Melting at my touch
Promises unfurl
Against my

Your taste lingers
Dark, bitter-sweet
Fetched from corners,
Peeled apart in layers
– pleasures
Hidden within you.

I sit back
And as I close my eyes
I can feel you
Deep in the warmth
Of my belly,
Against my skin
In the raw warmth
Of my mouth