Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Groom In Black

And then the rain started to fall...
What did she expect, only he knows.
That glowing discontentment raged through her
Threatening to take a larger form.
She wanted to scream, only so he could hear
She wanted to cry, only so he could comfort her
She wanted to break down, so he could put her together again
And when he didn’t, life changed
To something horrible, monstrous, evil
And then to something desolate, empty, bare.
And then the rain stopped.
But she wouldn’t see the damn green grass
The cursed bright blue sky,
She wouldn’t smell the clean washed out morning
As the sky stopped weeping, she began.
And it flowed through her, and surged out
And somewhere in a remote corner of the world,
It started to rain, and the drops washed away the
Long dried tear streak from the hardened cheek
Of the man standing at the altar,
Watching the woman hidden by her veil walk toward him,
The groom dressed in black.

This poem is one my friend wrote, and it was too beautiful to not put up.
I have a feeling she'll kill me, but I couldn't resist.