Monday, February 22, 2010

Fates Amusement

They say the strongest emotion in the world is love. I beg to disagree. To me it isn't.
Amusement is. You may wonder what I find so amusing...A lot of things actually.

It amuses me that I notice the littlest things about you – the way your eyebrows furrow when you are irritated, the way you bite your lips when you're indecisive, the way your eyes light up when you laugh.

It amuses me that I know that you prefer beige to cream and yet I don't know the difference myself.

It amuses me that I know you almost better than myself –I can predict almost every reaction of yours-so myriad in their extent.

It amuses me that I think you are the second most beautiful person on earth (the first being my mother) and yet you try the damned hardest to fade into the brickwork.

It amuses me that you think you know me at all – the person you see isn't who I am in reality. It's funnier that you judge me on the precious little you know of me.

It amuses me that you claim we are poles apart –essentially we aren't that different –we're both looking for happiness.

It amuses me the way you treat me like a piece of particularly musty furniture.

It amuses me that we cant spend more than ten minutes together without rising tempers and flying insults. It probably doesn't help that I turn into a blithering idiot every time I see you.

It amuses me that I have developed a resistance to hurt you insults give me –because I enjoy your stolen moments of companionship too much.

It amuses me that most of the time you hurt me without meaning to –like when you giggle at that idiot unnecessarily.

It amuses me that tomorrow if I die, my last thought would probably be of you.

But most of all, it amuses me that the only thing I love –hates me with an equaled intensity.

He finally stopped typing and stared at the glowing screen in front of him, the only light in the darkness of the room. He took of his spectacles and rubbed his eyes tiredly. He was supposed to be making a list. Ironically, now he couldn't remember what the list was about. He sighed and supposed it would have to wait till the morning. He turned to face the open window near by and sat there staring at inky darkness of the night, blank. He let out another deep, wistful sigh, suddenly feeling oddly relieved. He put his glasses on and sat in his chair alone, the glowing laptop his only company. After a few more minutes, he got up and silently made his way to his bed room. He had never looked so weary before.

Her determined stride was clearing a path for her. No one wanted to be in her way. She was furious, annoyed and mildly paranoid, and everyone knew better than to stand in her way. She reached him and patted him on the back with a vehemence not thought possible of her.

“What exactly is this?” she asked waving a piece paper with some text on it, rather hysterically, if you looked at it from an objective point of view. He merely cocked his head to one side and continued watching her placidly.

“You know what amuses me?” her voice rising a few octaves. She continued and answered her own question, oblivious to the fact that she had attracted a rather amused audience. “It amuses me that you feel anything for me beyond an urge to complete a challenge. It amuses me that you chose to write this down instead of telling me. It amuses me that you think that I would compare you to piece of furniture” She paused and took a look around before continuing “It might be crediting you with too much” Her voice almost a hiss. He continued watching her, his face blank, his eyes betraying the interest he showed in her. The crowd erupted with gasps and a few mutters erupted across the varied tables.

At that moment, as the crowd watched the two wrapped up in a hug that seemed to convey everything, they knew that this would never end. As she leaned over and kissed his forehead, they knew too.
They were fated to be together, everyone knew that. And now, fate was having the last laugh.