Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Grown Up

The initial euphoria
Lasted all of
4 weeks, 6 days
And 12 minutes.
It lasted
Through my unpacking
And my dusting
And my arranging
It was great!
I could cook up gourmet storms,
Clean to a fault,
Decorate with colours unheard of
Shop indulgently,
(Drink even more so)
Trawl the web
Stay in bed
Have Sitcom marathons
 Laugh at jokes –
All in the solitude
Of my Adulthood.

It lasted
Till I took a breath.
And then it wasn’t the same
Any more

Home was
Waking up to the smell of breakfast.
Clothes that smell like Surf Exel.
Having to fight for the remote.
Never finding the clothes you wanted
Because your sister had them.
Having a gaggle of uninvited people
Drop in for chai-biscuit.
Not having to worry
about what to make for dinner
or whether there was enough pasta for two.
Heat and humidity and afternoon naps.
Always having something to do Friday evenings.

Home was
The smell of my mother’s hug –
 Soap, spices and Davidoff.
The sound of my sister’s guffaw
Echoing off the walls.

This isn’t home,
This is my adulthood.


  1. And I can totally relate to this now. Now, more than ever before...

  2. Fellow home-away-food-love-depraved soul here (Hope you are not)
    Lover or art & music
    Fan (Took me just 3 hours) of your 8track playlists and words here
    Tell me if we could connect.