Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Long Distance

Accept this picture –
Of these cupcakes I’m baking
This beer that I’m drinking,
Those geese in my courtyard –
In exchange for a hug,
 Or a smile stolen,
 Across a crowded room.

For the house to go quiet
So that we can talk
Across five thousand and ninety four miles
 of silence.
Skype. Gtalk. Facebook Gmail.

I know your schedule –
And you know mine:
Of each other’s lives.
But we struggle
To make sense of our thoughts,
Feelings and aches
In each other’s absence.

I talk
To strangers in a bar.
To strangers from your past.
“Seeing someone?”
They ask
We smile.

Goodnight. Good morning.
 Good morning. Good night.