Monday, April 16, 2012


We wove together the threads of our life,
We did,
And made a rainbow coloured tapestry
Of our lives.

We wove violet velvet
For the royal way you treated me,
And for fairytales,
And other dreams
We had.
We splashed in some indigo,
For all the industry
In our lives,
Blood, sweat and tears,
That we mixed together.

I pulled in some silken strands of
Summer sky
For the way you make me feel -
Calm and sheltered,
And like our love,
Extended as far
As the vast sky.
And for the way
I made you feel rooted
You found some green threads
As well.

Yellow and orange pieces of cotton, for
The days we lay cuddled
In our own warmth –
Too content to move,
Smouldering with muted love
And finally,
Thick ribbons of red,
For passions – ardour, anger.
That defined us

But then I looked again,
And saw us for what
We are -
Weavers of an illusion.
A rainbow coloured illusion.

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