Saturday, February 18, 2012



I thought I would always remember this,
but over time, it has become blurred.
I thought that this, this little bundle
Of memories - stored deep
In the recesses of my
Fusty, unreliable
Neuron circuits,
Would never vanish.
But over time it has.

I thought I would never forget
The way you smiled,
The corners of your mouth
Turning up, just so.
And pushing your skin
Into deep tanned folds,
Just like the sand dunes
We used to race on.
But your smile has gone astray
In the valleys and peaks
Of my mind.

I never thought I would forget
The way the wind played with your hair -
Pulling it this way and that
Making it stick up at angles
Unknown to mankind,
And the way it lay tame
Against the soft cotton of your pillow
Giving you a salt and pepper halo

I never thought I would forget
The sound of your laughter,
A deep guffaw, a chortle
Or a bellow
Depending on the teller of the joke
But they seem to have faded
To faint echoes
Travelling in the winds that rustle
Your hair.

I never thought I would never forget
The way you smelt
Like “Old Spice” and caramelised onions
And Amma’s aggarbathi kuchi.
But then, smell is rather touchy
And refuses to recognise
Anything anymore.

The day you went away
I looked at you
And promised myself
I would never forget.
And I held on
As best as I could
But you slipped away
Like water in my fist
And all that was left
Was the wet.


  1. Dear Ammu, this is beautiful... really soulful and near-perfect. You write so beautifully. Could I read this on your behalf at the Poetry Slam here?

    1. That would be such an honour. Of course you can :)