Monday, August 30, 2010

Those Days.

Today is one those days.
You know those days by the way your toes feel on the ground in the morning, searching for your slippers in the cold.
By the way your alarm rings, earlier than its supposed to, too late to go back to sleep.
By the way the sky looks, blue but not bright, cloudy but not overcast.
By the way it threatens to rain, like your tears threatening to fall.
But nothing happens.

Its just one of those days.
The coffee is too sweet.
The water all cold.
You can't find the clothes you wanted to wear.
Those memories you want to hold.
Forgotten phones, missed call dramas,
Chocolate cake ice cream cravings.
The beach just too far away.
You can't catch their eyes,
conversations just flow by.

Its a sloth kind of day.
The kind where you want to smile, can't find the energy to.
The kind where you want to laugh, can't find a reason to.
The kind where you want to cry, can't find the tears to.
The kind where nothing's wrong, but nothings right either.

Its just an in between day.
Drained. Coping.
Beyond caring.

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